Age of Dreams

<font>Age of Dreams</font>

<font>During the birth of the cosmos stars, planets and black holes were born. There birthing pains sent shockwaves through the fabric of space, sending the new children to the far corners of the universe. With these hurtling balls of matter and energy, great beings were also born. Formless consciousness set adrift aimlessly. These beings were born with knowing all from the beginning of days to the end of them, when the universe would once again be rewritten.</font>

<font>One of these nameless beings set adrift came across a series of lifeless rocks floating around a faint blue dwarf star. However she saw that these stones could be so much more, a start of a real existence. Approaching the largest of these lifeless planets, she tenderly reached out her will. As her thoughts past over the valleys, oceans sprang up, as she breathed out, the sky turned blue, and with her will life began. Animals crawled out of the forest, fish swam in the seas, birds flew through the sky, and the world thrived.</font>

<font>Satisfied with her world, her first child, her attention drifted to the other lifeless rocks near by. As her attention drifted she saw that her first world began decompose. The atmosphere began to boil away, the seas turned to salt, and earthquakes broke apart the land. Only her love was keeping her world alive.</font>

<font>Eons past by and the world continued to flourish. A diversity of life blossomed directly from her will and imagination. As her world grew she found herself diminishing, becoming intimately entwined with her children. She could see the tendrils of her life energy connecting all of the world together, almost like a giant spiders web. Her world shone with her life, like its own star, a beacon in the endless night of space.</font>

<font>This creature of creation was not alone. While she was born during the first act of creation, other beings survived from the previous age, creatures existing in the absence of life. These beings of darkness and shadow hunt the deepest reaches of space, feeding on others like her, bringing themselves to the edge of real life. Hunger once more drives them to the hunt.</font>

<font>One of these beings, the oldest, the deadliest of his kind saw from the dark edges of the galaxy, the light of her life. His irresistible hunger pulled him along.</font>

Age of Dreams

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