Taunting:  As a swift action you can attempt to taunt an opponent to the point where they attack you at the exclusion of all others.  The taunt is usually a mixture of insults and challenges while showing signs of weakness, of an easier target that does not provoke an opportunity.  In order to successfully taunt an opponent you must be in line of sight, be able able to hear you (successful listen check), intelligent, and not immune to fear.  Your intimidate check is opposed by the target's modified level check (10 + character level or hit dice + target's Wisdom bonus [if any] + target's modifiers on mind effecting effects + modifier from the following table).  This is not a magical or supernatural effect and cannot convince someone to commit an obviously suicidal action or one against there alignment/nature.

If successful, your taunted opponent moves in a straight line (unless obstacles are in his path, in which he goes around the shortest direction) towards you, ignoring anyone else, to attack, for one round.  The taunt has to be repeated each round or risk losing the target's attention.


 Dc Impact
For every 5 points of damage during previous round caused by someone else + 1
Every attack of opportunity that he would suffer+ 5
For every 5 points of damage you suffered in previous round - 1
For every 5 points of damage you inflict in the same round
- 2
If you don't share a common Language
- 5
If it will take the target more then 1 round to reach you+ 10
For every size smaller then your target+ 4
For every size bigger then your target- 4
Persuasive Feat- 2
5+ Ranks in Bluff- 2

Please reference the skill trick Great Taunt for more on Taunt like abilities. 

Background:  I looked through all common books looking for something similar to this skill description, however couldn't find anything.  Perhaps its my exposure to video games and there system of agro, but there appeared to be a definite need for it in D&D.  This skill allows a character to successfully "tank" and crowd control, drawing lesser creatures from more vulnerable targets. 

I ended up finding a very similiar ability in the Complete adventurerer called Goad.  I ended up making "not immune to fear" as a prerequisite, as I see taunting a dual edge sword.  Its really an attack on the foes fear of failure or looking like lesser around his alies and the inability to control his anger.  Being immune to fear to me would also suggest the other (but there is no ability called "immune to anger").



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